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1/03 - Still looking for a woman to fill the very last spot for the 4-day massage training of 11 + 12 & 18 + 19 March. Some men have already registered so you can be introduced immediately to see if there is a match to share this beautiful journey with each other!


07/01 - The 4 day MYTH Tantra Massage training in 2023 will take place on 11/12 + 18/19 March, from 21 to 24 April and from 18 to 21 May. More information can be found on the page:

03/01 - Exis dance ! A sober, energetic and holistic experience with Cacao, Ceremonies, Contact Dance,

Yoga, Sound Healing, LIVE concerts and much more! Next open air edition on July 15, 2023 : EXISDANCE

06/10 -From now on, Breathwork sessions will start at MYTH in small groups (max 6 people).

More info  can be found on the FB event :MYTH Breathwork

 26/04- After completing the three part Masterclass (Mystic School of Interdimensional Sexuality) I have now also completed the Dragon Ritual Masterclass. Extremely grateful to be able to learn in a beautiful connection from a very powerful, sincere and pure teacher such as Dechen Dorje (House Of Tantra). I feel a huge shift in my energetic flow and being in contact with the cosmic field in my life and of course also during my sessions. More info atTantric Atma(NL) orHouse of Tantra(PL)

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"I would like to introduce myself, my name is Danie and you can find the MYTH practice in the quiet and rural Scheldewindeke near Ghent.

I was inspired by the power of bodywork when I first experienced de-armouring myself. The intense energy that flowed awakened something great in me... immediately I knew that I wanted to share this special method of liberation and pass it on to all who are open to letting go of all the old pieces that no longer serve us... whether this is physical, energetic or emotional.

Since I had already taken some steps in my personal life in the field of Tantra, these 2 currents increasingly merged  and I deepened them both over the years through various intensive training courses. Thus the harmony, the potential and my passion in this work became very powerfully anchored in myself.

The sometimes very simple, but very effective nature of Tantric work  has always fascinated me. It is simply a path of truth that connects you to the core of yourself and our beautiful nature in this life.

Tantra offers an enormous potential to connect through our body, breath and energy with our own divinity, to let our life energy flow powerfully, to liberate us or have it transformed from the trauma or shadow pieces and rediscover our true potential of this magical earthly existence.

I personally believe very strongly in a holistic approach to any form of imbalance and that anyone is able to reach their full, most powerful potential in this lifetime as long as there is awareness and willingness to grow and challenge yourself. I also like to give advice from my own experience if I feel that other paths should be followed first than the one I offer myself.

The focus at MYTH is often on De-Armouring or Tantra and especially the powerful combination of both together but there is also an offer of other techniques such as Alchemy of Touch and Zensual. I always personally attune what someone needs at this moment in their life and create an open, respectful and safe container for this where people can experience the power of my work in unconditionallity and trust.


Courses & Certificates

Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage - 200hr Certification bij Tantra Essence

Mystic School of Interdimensional Sexuality - House Of Tantra - All levels 150hr

Dragon Ritual Masterclass - House Of Tantra - 50hr training

Full Body De-Armouring Level 2 - 120hr Certification bij Sunny Ju

Sexual Healing De-Armouring - 50hr Certification bij Susanne Roursgaard

Alchemy Of Touch Level 1 Practitioner- 120hr

Lomi Lomi Level 2 - Pura Vida - 65hr

Professioneel Massage Therapeut - Beauty & Lifestyle Academy

Tibetan Tantra FLOW Intro - Tantra Atma

Tantric Shamanic Body De-Armouring Level 1 & 2 - Frequency Facilitators

Yoni / Lingam De-Armouring - Open Up

" When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
  you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Body De-Armouring is a very liberating, intensive treatment to release deeply rooted tension and trauma from the body. In traditional Western treatment it's not well known yet that the deepest tension, restriction and blockages are situated in your fascia. The big web of fascia supports and keeps everything in place in your body so it's of uttermost importance that it stays in optimal shape. The fascia has a tendency to become stiffer and sticky to your muscles, bones and organs throughout your lifetime. This is a natural process from birth because every emotional trauma like stress, fear, sadness, shame, anger, etc... will root itself in the fascia causing it to become stiffer and the charge (=tension) will get stuck there. Through a deep and slow massage technique we will work on these fields causing the trauma and tension that is held there to permanently release from the body.

Please read the detailed info on this page!


Alchemy Of Touch is transformational bodywork. A treatment exclusive in Belgium. This form combines the unique 'Fluid Touch©' in a mix of advanced massage techniques focuses on relaxing the fascia, deep tissue treatment, joint release and also various stretching, while maintaining a high level of presence. Together we'll go on a journey looking for tension, restrictions and trigger points which are held in the deeper layers of the body. The teachings of Alchemy Of Touch are aimed at a profound meditative exchange between therapist and client that allows the physical transformation to take place on an elevated level.

Please read the detailed info on this page!

geomerty mandala.jpg

Deze uiterst fijn en natuurlijk gedecoreerde kamer bevindt zich in het zeer rustige en landelijke Oosterzele nabij Gent & Wetteren.

In een vrijstaande villa met ruime tuin biedt ze alle rust en privacy voor uw activiteit of sessie.

Tantra massage in its purest form, harmonizes body, mind, emotions and soul. We awaken the life or sexual energy and let it flow through the whole body in the most loving way. It awakens your true potential and a genuine spiritual state of being. Sex and spirit, inner child and adult, male and female, everything is brought together in the experience of your essential nature in life. Tantra massage is a very powerful tool for people who are looking for healing or broadening around their sexuality and balancing the entire body. Solving sexual trauma, issues of intimacy, arousal and shame, numbness in the erogenous zones ... In almost all areas we will reclaim the full sexual potential through activation of dormant energy and the power of this is endless!

At this site you will find a detailed explanation about Tantra massage, description, purpose, types, session possibilities,
intake form, etc ... All links can be found on this page


New at MYTH! This form of breathwork can be described as an active meditation with holotropic/orgasmic breathing in a lying position. Through our body and breath we will allow ourselves to connect with different cosmic flows and energies. These will guide and support us in the process of opening ourselves and the energy centers, freeing ourselves from trapped emotions and activating the highest energetic states of orgasmic flow and bliss. All this can be experienced by anyone just using the power of the breath in the right structure. It will have a major impact on one's life, body awareness, mood, energy levels and sexuality. Our breath is our foundation, our support to empower ourselves, to free ourselves and to experience our sexuality to the fullest.

Group lessons in Oosterzele 2x per week, more info on this event or through this page.
Individual sessions possible trough the booking system.


The Zensual Activation massage consists of combined techniques of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Alchemy of Touch and Tantric massage forms. It provides an extremely profound, sensual, activating and liberating experience that is very energetical but also technically very well founded. The Zensual approach aims to activate the life energy from the root and pelvis thus creating an upward spiral flow that opens up the entire energetic system through very fluid, mobile and vibrating massage techniques. Zensual is given on the table with a special smooth oil resistant cover for the most comfort and also allows me to massage under the body or glide without resistance. It's a more intimate form of a total body massage in which I will bring the whole body into a tingling flow and through playfulness, creativity and ecstasy will induce the most profound relaxation in a safe and loving atmosphere.


Looking for a profound experience for both of you amazing lovers? It will be a journey that connects yourself and your partner on a deeper level. Experiencing the sensuality, unconditionality and divinity in Tantra is always something that awakens something deep in your entire being. This pleasurable experience ensures that you can enjoy your sexual connection in a safe and discreet environment. This massage can take many different forms, telephone consultation in advance is necessary to determine the direction and intention of such a session.

divine sacred uion.jpg

A Life Coach or life coach or Personal Coach, deals with personal questions, issues and challenges around the privately & work atmosphere. Often it is about self-confidence, health, habits, relationships, fears, maybe even trauma and / or loss. This is a more informal, intimate form of coaching. Often the conversations go deeper and it is about patterns that people have carried with them for a long time. Please contact us by phone with your coaching question, so that we can determine a personal approach together.

Anna 2.jpeg

Sometimes there will be an opportunity at MYTH to work with this amazing woman from Poland. A truly gifted bodyworker and a very natural, devoted and gifted woman. Click the button below for all info regarding Anna's visit and session possibilities.

Also experience one of a kind and very unique 4 hands sessions with Danie (also for couples)!

֍ MA-URI Bodywork ֍

A very energetic holistic way of massage based on Polynesian Maori

֍ Holistic Lemurian Tantra Massage ֍

Heart Opening Intimate Bodywork with ancient Lemurian connection.

֍ Holistic Intuitive Bodywork ֍

Combining different tools and ways of massage depending what the receiver needs in the moment.

MYTH Appointments Cancellation Policy

Please take this practical information into account, so that there are no misunderstandings! You can cancel free of charge no later than 36 hours before the appointment, otherwise the appointment will be charged. Cancellations can only be made by telephone or via the booking system, messages will not be accepted in this case. Since I only take 1 appointment per day and give myself the full 200% for this, both in energetic, physical and material preparation, I can only secure my income by following a strict policy on timely cancellation, thank you for your understanding . You agree to these terms and conditions when you enter into an appointment with MYTH.


Body D



Danie D'Hondt

Heet 12,

Scheldewindeke 9860

VAT BE0688579343

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