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Jean-Christophe Breda

How can I describe this unique and new moment for me? I was scared and I was stressed. It was the first time another man had touched me so intimately. But the magic of the moment, the connection and alignment between Anouchka and Danie made me forget all about that. The sexual character moved into the background to make way for the sacred and for the exchange of pure love. There is no feeling of male or female anymore, just bodies becoming one in a spiritual and sensual exchange. So much respect, serenity and security. Anouchka and Danie act in harmony and are complementary. The doors open and you discover your body and new sensations. The magic of this moment is there. It goes beyond sexuality. This act, this play of body and skin awakened in me a unique love for humanity.


Cin Blockeel - Ahawa


Booking a 4-hand massage by Danie & Hanna came at the right time, after a period of frustration, stress and fatigue. During the session I experienced alternating sensations such as nurturing and stimulation. Because of their dedication, I received exactly what I needed. Interesting to be able to feel the masculine and feminine of the 2 opposites. As if I could surf on their waves of love. Cosmic orgasms shivered through my body. Afterwards I felt recharged, reset and in a happy mood.

Thank you!


Toon Nelissen

I received a 4 hands Tantric massage from Danie and Hanna. 
A very nice, nurturing and liberating experience, where I felt very safe.
The opening of the ritual felt very professional and brought a calmness to my body so I could completely surrender. 
The massage itself was a beautiful experience which flowed smoothly, I can’t even recall something special as I went in a very deep relaxation.
The day’s after I could feel a lot of energy in my body and I got reconnected to dreams I haven’t had for years.
I feel grateful for their amazing energy and nurturing hands.


Gladys Umusambi - Acupuncturiste

I had a very nice experience with the 4 hands Tantric massage. Danie and Anouchka are a complementary duo that flow together like yin and yang. Much attention is paid to your own wishes, limits and needs.

The communication is done in a very open way, which made me feel really safe.
For me it felt like being cocooned and cared for in a secure way.

A very intense experience.



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