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Alchemy Of Touch, a dynamic and poetic form of transformative bodywork.

The shape was designed to lift massage to a much higher level than just performing a series of physical grips.

The aim of the treatment is to create balance and harmony in the body, to restore position and fluid movement of the joints in the limbs and back, to balance the muscles, to improve your posture, to restore circulation, to encourage the elimination of toxins, improved and deeper breathing and facilitating deep relaxation.

The result is a sense of well-being that creates life energy, something we all need!

In this treatment, techniques from different Western and Eastern modalities are combined with Fluid Touch ©
This includes:

  •     Myofachial Chi release

  •     Osho Rebalancing massage

  •     Thai yoga stretch

  •     Trager techniques

  •     Digital pressure

  •     Energetic work

Fluid Touch © was designed by Tapesh Paradiso, the technique uses wave like movements that cause the energy to vibrate through the body so that the flexibility increases and oxygen flows better through the body.
The dispersed sensation gives the receiver a very pleasant feeling, even when this is combined with deep pressure that would otherwise be experienced as rather painfully. This technique is what makes Alchemy Of Touch so unique!

The vision and treatment of Alchemy Of Touch explained by Tapesh & Anouk, the founders and teachers.

Alchemy Of Touch has many applications due to its diversity in technique, the main focus is deep (muscle) tissue massage, loosening fascia (connective tissue) and joints, Thai stretching and resolving trigger points. We make a journey through your body together and look for the tension and restrictions that it holds in the deeper layers of your tissue.

Fascia plays a very important role in your body and research in the medical world is still relatively new around topic. The system can dry out locally, retain tension and trauma (see de-armouring), stick to organs with reduced function and pain as a result, but also cause movement restriction, poor posture and superficial breathing. Often these inconveniences are also relocated e.g. due to a problem around the hip, a restriction can occur in the shoulder.

With many chronic conditions such as stiffness, movement restriction and painful tension, it is highly recommended to investigate the cause in the direction of the connective tissue and the deeper layers of your muscles and body.
Alchemy Of Touch goes much further than just a top layer treatment like most relax massages.

Nice video about the importance and restrictions of the fascia

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