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Brigitte Bernaert


I know dearmoring as one of the deepest, quickest ways to heal. Everywhere I am in the world, as a Digital Nomad, I look for a healer/body expert who can intuitively get right to the cause of any dis-ease I am experiencing.

Danie is one of those extremely gifted people whom I feel, can intuitively heal my body by massaging out any stuck fascia, muscle or emotional knots. After todays session, after going through immense pains of a concussion and fall on my back for 5 days straight, my belly started flowing straight away, my nervous system calmed down, and tightness I’d felt for weeks relaxed.

For the first time some knots related to sports injuries I’d been in >10 years ago (knee fractures), were released, giving me an amazing and safe feeling that... my body (and mind) will only grow younger.

Danie is an amazing listener and space holder and I feel super heard and seen. Thanks!!


Jana Van Pee


Recently I went to Danie for an Alchemy Of Touch treatment. A technique that you do not often encounter but that was a real eye-opener for me. I experienced it for more than 2 hours of treatment in which Danie searches for trigger points, nodes, in your body where a lot of pressure, mentally and physically is removed from your body. An intense treatment after which I ended up in a state of ultimate relaxation as I did not know before.

The next day I was bursting with energy!

You are clearly in good hands with Danie, a beautiful, soothing setting with attention to pre- and post-treatment.

He clearly knows what he's doing and I will visit him again soon for more bodywork.
Tastes like more!


Luce V. - B&B owner


Golden hands ... they really exist, what a discovery ... my search was crowned with Danie's massages. You immediately feel 'coming home' ... the ideal base for letting go, traumas and trigger points hidden in my deepest cells over the years are traced by Danie's golden hands to release them and leave your body.

Flooded by a blissfully relaxed feeling, you leave the massage table.

Strongly recommended!


After giving birth I noticed bad blood circulation to my legs, pain in my lower back and digestive issues. Thanks to Danie's treatment my lower back is pain free, I have a lot more feeling in my legs and my digestive system is working a lot better.

I'm also feeling a lot more relaxed in my daily life.

  I noticed that with Body De-armouring my mind and body are being influenced on a very positive and permanent level.

For me MYTH is an amazing place where you can let go from our everyday hectic lifestyle.

Danie himself is very caring and extremely qualified!!!


Ruben De Temmerman 


I did de-armouring at Danie because of the energetic blockages I encountered.
Through these sessions I got a better view of these blockades and I could better understand where they came from. This gives new tools to get started with this.

Danie honestly gives you his knowledge and takes the time to have a conversation before and afterwards.
He guides you through the session with an open atmosphere.

The room itself is beautifully and peacefully decorated, a cocoon in which you feel safe

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