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Anouchka Van Nuffel

Tantra Massage & Energetic massage

Tantra Massage 4 hands

Couple Massage 4 hands

Cuddle sessions

Do you feel the calling to be in your full potential?

Are you willing to dive deeper into yourself and accept everything that is there?

Do you have a desire to learn to feel and appreciate your limits?

Do you want to allow more joy and pleasure in your life?


We herd Love in the broadest sense…

That is to say: giving space to all parts of ourselves that want to be seen, without wanting to change anything. (And thereby bring about great change.)

Together we create a sacred space, a safe bed and we follow the flow of your desires and your body. I listen and touch so that your body feels loved and honored and reveals its treasures and secrets. For the creative, sexual energy writhes in our bodies like a serpent through gossamer-thin crevices and moves us to molt, or spreads its wings of inspiration like an eagle. It makes our inner soil fertile again and the water in ourbasins flowing.

The possibilities are endless…


I am Anouchka…

I become intensely happy if I can contribute to the liberation of entrenched potency or  unconscious beauty can awaken. When we can howl like a wolf again and restore our wild free nature, then my heart will rejoice and everything will fall into place.

It is a great honor to be able to work with all visible and invisible beings to restore balance and move towards a greater unity within and beyond ourselves.

"A pelgrimage begins with longing: longing for deep connection; longing for true nurturing community; longing for change and the rich healing dark."

By Sharon Blackie, ‘If women rose rooted’.

Relevant workshops,training and experience

Professional experience working with people with disabilities.

Epeca  -  Bachelor Practitioner in Psycho Energetic Coaching

Ahawa - Druidic Sjamanism

House Of Tantra - Lemurian Massage Training

Carole Verbeeck - Wild Self Love

MYTH - Tantra Massage Training

Touch of Medicine – Lingam Massage

Project 'Labirintha'- Supporting women in loving their own body by making artistic nude sketches.


Tantra massage + intake (3h): 220 euros

Tantra massage (2 hours): 180 euros

Cuddle session (1.5h): 80 euros

Tantra Massage 4 hands

Couple or individual 3h15: 395 euros

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