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During our lives, every person experiences a certain form of trauma, strong painful emotions that we cannot process on our own.
We store trauma and painful experiences as imprints in our pain body. These imprints are fixed in our muscles and in our connective tissue what we call the fascia. Around the spots of impact, this can literally lead to thick hard spots, which form a shield around our body. The harness protects us from the emotional pain linked to the trauma. But it can also cause our life energy to stagnate or even block.

Possible effects


Hardening of your muscle and connective tissue has a significant impact on both physical and emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It can lead to unconscious self-sabotaging and self-destructive patterns. Setbacks in your life, difficulty achieving goals, feeling of heaviness, fear of relationships, anger or frustration, shame, mistrust, chronic money shortage, etc. can be manifestations of an internal armor. As long as the armor remains, these patterns can continue to repeat.

Various chronic conditions, physical discomfort or numbness are consequences of this deeply rooted tension and blockages in the body.

It's possible to cure these ailments through body de-armouring and put your body in balance again.


The session


De-armouring focuses on finding and dismantling the armor in your pain body. In this process I work intuitively. Together we will search for where (emotional) pain has settled in your body. By acknowledging, feeling, embracing and consciously breathing during treatment, the locked pain can become detached and transformed. First in the physical body, then in the emotional body and then in the energetic body.

Important to know


A de-armouring session can bring a lot to you. Old emotional pain, sadness, anger, shame but also joy, excitement or pleasure can be revealed. You may want to make sound or movements. Everything that presents itself is welcome and may be freely expressed. Let the wisdom of your body be your guide in this. Feel what wants to be felt, stay with it, breathe towards it, even though you may not understand exactly what is happening. Your breath is very important and I help you stay aware of it throughout the session.
By allowing the emotions to be fully present and giving them space, they can dissolve and transform. In this way, old spasmodic connections are broken and the life energy can flow freely again.
Areas that may be touched include chest, shoulders, head, back, legs, buttocks, pelvis, groin, jawline and abdomen.
It is advisable not to eat anything for at least an hour before a de-armouring.

The process


Body de-armouring can initiate a deep process in you. That process does not necessarily end at the end of the massage. Also, and sometimes especially, when you go home it can work through. You may feel super flowing and wonderful during and / or after the session. But it is also possible that old (emotional) pain comes up and that it can still be felt afterwards.
It is good to realize that the process of becoming free and peeling the harness is usually done in steps. Multiple sessions may be needed to get through all layers and feel the life energy flowing freely again.
Especially around the first few treatments I will check in with you afterwards to hear how you are doing.

The treatment


The 1st session will usually start around the abdomen and pelvic area. The area is first loosened and then we work in deeper layers. By means of a deep, very slow massage, I look for hardening in the fascia and once found, these are loosened. These areas can be very sensitive and the treatment can be painful, it's very important to know that a pain threshold will never be exceeded in this process.
De-armouring can take place all over the body, and different areas are associated with different types of trauma. If one wants to enter a deeper process, the de-armouring can also take place around the genitals, since most people retain a lot of trauma and tension here, this is very efficient. However, this only happens when there's a relationship of trust between therapist and client and there is already experience with body de-armouring with the client. A de-armouring around the genitals can be extremely intense and liberating not only on an emotional level, because trauma and tension disappears, one can experience more pleasure in the physical body and achieve an easier orgasmic state.

For who


De-armouring is for those who really want to go deep and experience stored trauma in the different layers. De-armouring has an opening, is exciting but also very appropriate in your process of self-love, surrender and looking into your own depths.
De-armouring is for you who fully embraces and embarks on the journey inside.
Physically we realize deep and permanent relaxation in different parts of the body, this will ensure easier and deeper breathing, experience more feeling and pleasure, perceive less pain or discomfort.
The more relaxed the body is, the more the mind feels at home and has the space to occupy the entire body rather than just a small portion of it.

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