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Make an appointment online

On this page you can view the calendar online and immediately book an appointment!

Please contact us by phone if you wish to book longer sessions then offered here 0476/396.334

Housecalls by special request only!

Please take this practical information into account, so that there are no misunderstandings! You can cancel free of charge no later than 36 hours before the appointment, otherwise the appointment will be charged. Cancellations can only be made by telephone or via the booking system, messages will not be accepted in this case. Since I only take 1 appointment per day and give myself the full 200% for this, both in energetic, physical and material preparation, I can only secure my income by following a strict policy on timely cancellation, thank you for your understanding . You agree to these terms and conditions when you enter into an appointment with MYTH.



  • Body De-Armouring :                     180€ / 2h15 (variabel price)

  • Alchemy Of Touch :                         150€ / 2h  -  170€ / 2,5h

  • Tantra Massage :                             200€ / 2h45  -  240€ / 3h30

  • ZENSUAL Activation :                      180€ / 2h

  • Breathwork :                                    110€/1h45

  • Minimum 30€ discount on a series of 3 sessions (exl. Intake sessions)

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