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paarse sterren


With Danie


Activate, Release, Flow, Release and come into your power!

  • Activation of your body at the core level, allowing more energy to come into your daily life.

  • Release stuck emotions and blockages by slowly opening your cells and energy centers.

  • Activation of the throat (chakra), releasing oppression and healing your untamed voice.

  • We stimulate each other in our divine sensuality through movement and sound.

  • Experience energetic orgasmic states of being and experience more flow and bliss.

  • Allowing and releasing stuck / suppressed anger through TANTRUM practice.

  • Improve your sexual experience and power by becoming aware and learning how to feel and move (orgasmic) energy throughout the body.


This form of breathwork can be described as an active meditation with holotropic/orgasmic breathing in a lying position. Through our body and breath we will allow ourselves to connect with different cosmic currents and energies. These will guide and support us in the process of opening ourselves and the energy centers, freeing ourselves from trapped emotions and activating the highest energetic states of orgasmic flow and bliss.
All this can be experienced by anyone just using the power of the breath in the right structure. It will have a major impact on one's life, body awareness, mood, energy levels and sexuality. Our breath is our foundation, our support to empower ourselves, to free ourselves and to experience our sexuality to the fullest.

It is very common in this practice that we can transform stuck pain, sadness, anger, etc... and this is more than welcome in our space.
It is a beautiful process that through our breath some parts of ourselves can be deeply touched, released / transformed and healed.

When this practice becomes a routine in your life, you will be amazed at how your body can experience so much activation, energy flow, sensitivity and the connection with the divine forces that you can feel supported.

We start the sessions by working with the Shakti energy, with the feminine divine power of creation we build our inner fire from the pelvis and let it open the energy centers.
We continue with the Shiva Lingam energy to use the masculine cosmic penetrating power to push the energy through the physical matter into the cosmic layers.
We close with Shiva Consciousness and allow the integration of the universal consciousness from the source into our body.
During the different phases we will also do different Tantrum exercises.
You will get more detailed information about working with these 3 energies during the sessions!

This breathwork was taught to me by Dechen Dorje (House of Tantra .org) in the Mystic School of Interdimensional Sexuality trainings.



The sessions take place in a small group of max 6 people and reservation is therefore required.

To access the google drive planning sheet we use your email address to give edit rights so you can make a reservation (gmail is preferred and works flawlessly).

Write a message on fb or send an e-mail to or request access via the file itself.


Please read the guidelines for making a reservation at the top of the sheet!



✦ Yoga mat

✦ Towel

✦ 2 pillows

(thick enough to punch with your fists while lying down)

✦ Water bottle


✦ Introduction price : 10€

✦ 1 session : 15€

✦ 5 sessions : 60€

✦ 10 sessions : 110€

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