Chetana - Tantrika


I got a tantra massage session from Danie. With his rich experience  in de-armouring he knows very well what he is doing intuitively. He created such a safe, subtle and soft space. He didn't push or force and he remained very neutral and professional, not working towards sexual arousal or self-gratification at all. This made me feel so subconsciously safe (women tend to unconsciously tighten up when they would sense that the therapist is too serves its own purposes, so in this case she would have no real cure).
I am often stuck in pains when I receive a massage in my sacred place. He brought pleasure to me after I felt really safe and relaxed. I made a breakthrough organically and the pains turned into healing. Most importantly, he didn't force it, he just used his intuition or followed a higher hunch. It was a very healing experience for me, very different from sessions I got from others. I highly recommend this session to any woman who will have the opportunity to receive his gift.


Ricardo Balkhoven - Lomi Lomi Therapist


Thank you Danie, what a great therapist you are!

Your Tantra work is full of spirit. Never have I felt such genuine tenderness in bodywork as I do today.

You helped me today to melt away old emotional stones.

Strongly recommended !



Yesterday I arrived at MYTH for the first time. Had a very restless time and also felt restless. I thought I couldn't surrender to Danie's relaxing hands like that. Nothing is less true. I feel life energy flowing through me again. Worries have become so much smaller and I feel more firmly in my shoes. I feel who I am in every cell of my body. This is an experience that is difficult to describe in words. You must have experienced this. It feels like I was born again yesterday. Thank you Danie for letting that unconditional love flow through me and clearing the blocks.


Muriel Corynen - Body Focused Therapist


My first very spontaneous reaction after quietly waking up from a deeply relaxed state after a full tantra massage/session from Danie was: "you were born for this".

Very difficult to put into words what this experience meant for me. But I try. A combination of deep contact with my Essence, deep connection with zones, cells, tissues and membranes in my body, a feeling of unity of body and mind. A tantra massage with Danie starts before the first physical introduction.

Via an extensive form I received an explanation in advance about what to expect and was also asked about all kinds of: physical/intimate concerns or complaints, perspectives and experiences regarding intimate/sexual situations, where my boundaries lie, my consent or not with certain actions, what intention I have with this session (healing, trauma release, deep relaxation, deepening of pleasure, discovering boundaries...).

The preparation of the session was very confident. A small ritual, connecting more deeply with each other, intentional words, creating safety and trust. Danie does this in a beautifully honest way. Actually during the session I was not aware of Danie's presence, I could very easily go into myself and keep focus on what was happening in my body and mind. I felt great confidence in his integrity and ability. So that I could continue to feel good and sink deeper and deeper into my body consciousness, the deeper layers in my energetic structure. Danie felt very well where my body was giving signals of tension, unrest (and also sadness) or pleasure, and then went to work with focus and softness.

If you want to work on your body and intimacy awareness, a session with Danie is a wonderful gift to yourself. To me it felt like it's totally Danie's life path!


Never dared to dream.. that one successful tantric de-armouring massage with the purchase of a Tachyon toy could give such an enrichment in my life!


Never dared to dream.. that because of this I would one day find pleasure to touch myself lovingly with massage oil and masturbate. I can't get enough of it right now! As if my libido suddenly got a huge boost. It gives a wonderfully intense feeling to be able to bring yourself to the climax of an orgasm with the toy. I have never experienced this with anything or anyone before.


Not a hair on my head that was convinced that I would ever allow tantra, but now I am very happy that I dared to take that step.

Now I realize how important it is to be able to clearly indicate your own boundaries.


Grateful.. that I came across you on my path. You've already unleashed an incredible amount!

T. Willems