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paarse sterren

Tantra Massage Training

With Danie  &  Hanna


A beautiful 4-day

intensive journey

in a cozy, personal and private atmosphere.

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​Available in Dutch and English via the main menu, best viewed on PC/Laptop.

This 4-day training will explore the fundamental techniques, tools and points of interest associated with giving a dynamic, energetic, sensual and Tantric massage.

A Tantra massage allows us to connect deeply from the heart with ourselves, the recipient and with spirit.

The healing power of the unconditional loving touches is endless and works on the physical, emotional and energetic body.

Everything touched there receives a gentle invitation to be activated, transformed or liberated where necessary.

How wonderful would it be if everyone had this knowledge within themselves and could give such a purely intimate gift to each other?

You are welcome to give your life a completely new dimension!

​Dates 2023

29 Sept to 2 Oct

2 to 5 Nov


​Dates 2024

12 to 15 Jan

15 to 18 March

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We invite anyone who wants to enrich their lives​ with the knowledge to give their partner, lover or intimate connection a profound, sensual and Tantric experience with the right techniques and tools to convey the power and beauty of this in a special way.

This training has been shaped by my knowledge and experience of many different forms of bodywork including 5 types of Tantra massage such as Tao, Kashmir, Dragon. This training will not teach you a structured or specific form of Tantra massage, but will give you a very broad basis to determine your own style from an abundance of techniques. It has become a very extensive, dynamic, flowing, energetic whole that I fully support to convey to you!

You will learn a solid range of specific Tantric massage techniques during the 4 days, the course contains a hundred techniques with both physical and energetic methods. The necessary attention is also given to how you connect with the recipient in a calm and beautiful way, both physically and energetically. Every day there is room to repeat the techniques of the previous day, so a particularly fast integration follows. It also discusses a number of fundamental Tantric practices such as opening a Tantric ritual and holotropic breathwork. No attention will be given to basic massage techniques or anatomy that are not relevant to the material taught. It is up to you whether you want to get started with some prior knowledge. In principle, no prior knowledge is required for this training, but we would like to point out that these techniques are incombination with your own creativity and other knowledge in (basic) massage will form a much better whole after integration.

A wise teacher once told me that a divine massage consists of 10% technique and 90% being present. Only when one has mastered this 10% and the technique can flow in a state of emptiness, will there be room within ourselves to sink into the conscious presence and connect with the divine field.

In this training we are going to youenrich with the fundamental techniques and considerations needed to build a firm foundation for a profound, healing intimate experience.

We take the time to create a safe and sacred space where everyone feels good. In this group there is unconditional space for free expression, healing, pleasure and intimate connection. You feel open and safe in your body to be naked and give intimate massage in this small group. There is room for your personal processes and to indicate your limits. Every day we take the time to discuss boundaries and wishes. If you are not ready to receive certain parts of the content, we will discuss this together. Take responsibility that you feel comfortable with these forms of intimacy before applying. There is always an intake interview via video call prior to registration to get acquainted and to further discuss a number of matters. Opportunity partners for singles can be sought and matched in the weeks leading up to training. We never work with random partners.

The entire training takes place at practice MYTH in Scheldewindeke near Ghent.

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Read the experiences and reviews here of those who have already completed the training!

What can you expect


  • A workshop in a housely and private atmosphere.

  • Intimate personal setting of max. 3 couples.

  • A solid and very rich program for 4 full days with over 100 both physical and energetical techniques!

  • A very extensive course of 30 pages with very handy photo material.

  • An extensive list of tools and points of interest to make your massage intimate, unique and Tantric.

  • There is a lot of attention for the energetical aspect of Tantra massage.

  • Variations in hand techniques for a more dynamic result.

  • Body 2 Body techniques.

  • Yoni/Lingam Massage.

  • Internal / Sacred spot massage.

  • Holotropic/Orgasmic Breathwork as a fundament of intimate bodywork.

  • We work exclusively on the mat/futon.

  • Cacao Ceremony.

  • Enough room for full practice sessions in the training

  • 1 free practice session for extra feedback and adjustment 3 weeks after the training, worth €200

What NOT to Expect

  • This isn't a complete training for professional use.

  • Therapeutic Tantra with trauma release.

  • Basic massage techniques (effleurage / petrissage / etc..)

  • Far-reaching anatomy lessons


  • 09:00 Arrival

  • 09:30 Start session 1

  • 12:30 Lunch

  • 14:00 Start session 2

  • 16:30 Break

  • 17:00 Start session 3

  • 19:00 Sharing round

  • 19:30 End


The entire training costs minimum 555€ per person, we work with a sliding scale between 555€ and 700€ depending on your personal recources/income. This is not a retreat so does not include a stay by default, but this can be discussed in case of long travel. Business invoice is possible with a surcharge of 21% VAT. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot. If you would like to follow this training on a date of your choice or completely private, please contact us to check these possibilities.

Fascilitator : Danie


Assistente / Model : Hanna

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