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Hi everyone and welcome to the first newsletter of MYTH!

November was the month where Alchemy Of Touch was added to MYTH's offering.

For this exclusive massage form I went to Sweden for 10 days to learn from a fantastic couple, Anouk Devi & Tapesh Paradiso.

It was a bull's eye and the perfect complement to the more intense de-armouring therapy already on offer.

The teachings of Alchemy Of Touch were very clearly focused on a sincere, meditative exchange between therapist and client that allows the physical transformation to take place on a higher level.

This transformative bodywork is done in a high state of consciousness of the nervous system whereby the recipient enters a deep state of relaxation and the treatment penetrates to the core of your being.

It is  a combination of 'Fluid Touch' designed by Tapesh  & various advanced forms of massage where the technical focus is on deep tissue of the muscles, loosening joints, detecting trigger points and especially returning the connective tissue to its natural, flexible state for optimal energy flow and mobility.

At the same time, the treatment ensures that you receive a lot of information about your own body and that you become aware of where the tensions and bottlenecks are located.


More info, including a video from Anouk & Tapesh, can be found on the dedicated page of Alchemy Of Touch:

MYTH - Alchemy Of Touch

During this launch month a lot of reviews have come in about this new massage technique,

So take a look for yourself at the extremely positive reactions that came in from other customers on our facebook page:

MYTH - Facebook Reviews


Discount December!


Anyone who receives this newsletter can use the following discount coupon on an appointment that takes place in December.

In fact, for new customers who book their first appointment, I double the discount to 10€!!

So take advantage of your appointment in December at MYTH :)

December is also the last month for a winter break in Jan/Feb!

I am following an intensive training in Bali and will not be active again at MYTH until March 4th!

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