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Tachyon comes from Greek and means "fast". A tachyon is a particle that exists above the speed of light. We cannot observe it with our senses, nor with very strong microscopes. Scientists can only record the effects of tachyons. And they are wonderful. Wounds heal faster with tachyon, destructive behavior slowly changes into positive behavior, fatigue disappears with tachyon and all kinds of physical complaints are reduced or resolved. Provided that the Tachyonized products are used correctly and consistently, of course.

How does tachyon work?

As a human being you can be a permanent antenna for this tachyon energy. All you have to do is be in balance! If your earth connection is good, the cosmic energy flows well and if all chakras, the main energy centers in your body, are in balance, then you are fully receptive to the universal life energy and in perfect health. If there is a disturbance somewhere, if you are sick or out of balance, you can use tachyonized products to ensure that you still bring that life energy to you, so that your body can heal itself.

Tachyons form the bridge between the zero point field and matter.

The energy field of the tachyons responds to the subtle, organizing energy fields of all matter. These smart, subtle, organizing energy fields then bring up that frequency in the tachyon that is needed to create the most optimal state at exactly that location. So if a diseased body part (where the energy field is no longer able to restore the cells to the healthy, original form of existence due to disruption) but long enough to keep a tachyonized product, the body can still go back to its healthy state.

In this way you heal the body even if you are not able to put yourself in the light for a while.

Tachyonized Products

The tachyonized products are a created conduit for tachyons. Because the products attract and pass on tachyons within a created, frequencyless torsion field, you can still clear the way in the places where there is a disturbance and the body can restore itself to its original, healthy state of being.


Origin of Tachyon

From terminally ill wheelchair patient using tachyon to healthy businessman.
That, in a nutshell, is the story of David Wagner, the man behind Advanced Tachyon Technologies International (ATTI).
After getting a steel filing cabinet on his body at work and the subsequent surgery failed miserably, Wagner was diagnosed with "permanently disabled" and "out of treatment." He literally couldn't do anything anymore, suffered excruciating pains and was completely immobile for 3 years. Until he remembered that until three years ago everything he did was motivated by a sense of connection with the creator and creation. Wagner realized that he had taken a deep fall not only physically, but also spiritually and started meditating again. He came into contact with Spirit and was shown a blueprint of a machine that could sub-molecularly reprogram materials to introduce tachyons into matter. It changed his life for the second time. This time for the better. In a few months he healed his pain and regained 90% of his mobility.

Shortly afterwards, in 1990, David Wagner founded Advanced Tachyon Technologies with the goal of gifting the world with tachyon.

More info about David Wagner:


ATTI unique patent

ATTI is the only company to have a patent on the proven effectiveness of the products.
Every ATTI product has a lifetime effect that never stops or diminishes.

The test itself is simple and involves a sodium chloride test at a microscopic level. Tachyonized products return the sodium chloride to its original gaseous form. Before exposure to a tachyonized product, the sodium chloride shows a pyramidal structure, after using a tachyonized product this structure has completely disappeared. To date, this effect has only been observed with ATTI products. All other providers were found not to sell Tachyonized products for life.

More info about the patent:


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