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Tantra massage in its purest form, harmonizes body, mind, emotions and soul.
We awaken the life or sexual energy and let it flow throughout the body in the most loving way.
It awakens your true potential and a genuine spiritual state of being. Sex and spirit, inner child and adult, male and female, all are brought together in the experience of youessential nature in life.
Tantra massage is a whole powerful tool for everyone! We bring the entire body into rest, relaxation and balance... and at the same time work in a healing way with more conscious forms of sexuality so that there is broadening and awakening for the recipient in this powerful and essential part of your life. Many people have never experienced what the real power of their life energy or sexual energy can exactly mean and a Tantric ritual is often a big eye-opener that will make people look at this beautiful part of our lives differently forever or experienced.
Solving ofsexual trauma, activating the energy centers, deeper energetic flow, working withinhibitions around intimacy, arousal and shame... numbness in the erogenous zones...
We're doing well on just about every levelfull sexual potential reclaim through activation of dormant energy and the power of this is endless!

Awaken your life energy


Tantra massage is a very powerful healing that aims to awaken your dormant life energy, allowing it to go upwardsflow throughout the body.The healing touch releases blocked energy and awakens the Kundalini, powerful energy that rests at the base of the spine or root chakra. The blockages can be physical, mental, emotional, sexual or even psychosomatic. When the Kundalini is activated from its dormant state, it spreads along the spine and acceleratesthe healing throughout the body.

A unique ritual


Tantra massage is anything but an impersonal or mechanical approach, but a sincere, deep meeting of two people, full of sensitivity, respect andpositive, loving touch for the orecipient. Although there is a clearly defined framework, every massage is oneunique ritual between the giver and an uncatcher,depending on their mutual energy.In these Tantric sessions we create a sacred space where you feel loved, emancipated and admired for the divine being that you are.We will emphasize on a safe space whereyour limits always respected throughout the session.

For theAt the start of the session, all boundaries, even the obvious ones, are spoken and reinforced so that the safe framework in which we work is clearly established. These can be different for each session and can also be adjusted during the ritual if you still feel a 'no'. Predetermined limits will never be relaxed during a session. This is followed by a personal ritual of invocations of the cosmic and interdimentional energy that assists, protects, supports and guides us. The final step is greeting at different levels and energy centers to invite the divine connection between the Shakti & Shiva and the clear intention of the session is spoken.

The touch and transmission

Tantra massage is a full body, intimate and sensual massage with theintention of profound healing and spiritual awakening.
You can oneintuitive, energetic and meditative exchangeas the therapist maintains a thoughtless state and a high degree of presence to hold space for whatever comes up.
Genital touch is included in all sessions, but as the clientis not ready to receive this intimate touch, all hand movements can be done in the auric field instead of a physical touch.
Depending on the type of tantric massage, the specific genital touch can vary greatly.
Generally we believe that the genitals are part of the body and are treated in the same way as any other part equally.
On the session page you can read more about the different types of Tantra massage that we offer and their specific properties.

In general, a non-structured session is given, based on my intuition and the wishes of the client, in which I combine many forms of bodywork and Tantra massage. The speciallity at MYTH is a combination of Tantra & De-armouring where many layers are touched and these 2 approaches are very complimentary to each other.
The Yin & Yang that move and flow together for a powerful activation from the body to physical and energetic level and the release from patterns,  emotional and physical pains and conditionings.


The goal of transformative healing

The goal of a Tantra massage is not orgasmic pleasure, ejaculation or any sexual satisfaction, the goal is complete holistic healing, so the focus is never on orgasm. However, if you have an orgasm during the session, it's great to enjoy this moment to the fullest... but if we can maintain this energy, it's even better! We use techniques to work with your sexual energy in all parts of the body, the distribution of this energy in the whole body is an important aspect as this energy is only felt around the sex center. Awareness of the energetic flow causes great transformation and healing for your entire being. By moving sexual energy away from the sex center and allowing it to flow throughout your body, you experience deeper feelings of pleasure and bliss and an ecstatic, trance-like state of mind can come.

This also means that your sexual energy is conserved and not wasted… and thus used for a much higher purpose!


The long list of healing properties of a Tantra massage is extraordinary!

  • Ignіtіоn of ѕріrіtuаl awakening and rеаlіzаtіоn

  • Develop a deeper connection with your heart and sex center

  • Releasing tension and trauma from the body and genitals

  • Reclaiming your full sexual potential

  • Solve old resentments, shame and guilt

  • Re-sensitize your body and genital area, thus imрrоving оrgаѕmіс аnd рlеаѕurе роtеntіаl.

  • Learn to move energy trough your whole body

  • Trеаtmеnt оf common sexual or trauma related dуѕfunсtіоnѕ

  • Fully express yourself emotionally and sexually to reach levels of ecstasy never thought possible

  • Allеvіаtіоn оf blосkеd (оr ѕtuсk) еmоtіоnѕ

  • Cultivation оf соntеntmеnt and jоу

  • Clearing the mind and reduction of ѕtrеѕѕ

  • Imрrоvеmеnt of hеаlth аnd vіtаlіtу

the tantra massages at myth

mystic Taoist Tantra

mystic Kashmiri Tantra

Inner Alchemy Tantra

Lasya Tantra

On the next page you can find a detailled description about all the different types of Tantra massage we offer.

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