If you book a session for the first time, there will always be an intake interview , so it is very important to fill in a questionnaire in advance. This information allows us to optimally prepare for the session.

During the intake interview we go over the questionnaire together and you will immediately notice that the intentions, limits and other questions are expressed much more easily!

Without prior experience in Tantra massage or intimate bodywork, a first session will always be a Mystic Taoist Tantra massage.

The Extended Tantra massages mean that different forms of Tantric bodywork are added before the massage. More time is taken to connect with the giver so that you experience more peace and relaxation, while you taste other rituals that Tantra has to offer as an ideal preparation for the massage.

For people who want to enter into a very in-depth process, we give a nice discount on our full program, the ' Ultimate Tantra Healing ' package.

You save no less than 180€!!

The 10 sessions consist of:

3x Tao, 3x Kashmir, 3x Inner Alchemy and 1x Lasya .

With this constructive method you will experience every aspect of the different Tantra massages and the most complete Tantric healing possible.

This is possible in sessions of 2 hours or 3 hours (extended).

The most intensive Tantra healing package

'Ultimate Tantra Healing Experience' is your personal adventure away from all worries and stress, all attention goes to you as a recipient and your process of Tantric healing, you receive a daily Tantra massage for 10 days and the sessions are preceded by Tantric exercises and emotional release to maximize healing potential!

Intake + Tantra massage 170€ / 2.5h

Tantra massage 140€ / 2h15

Extended Tantra massage 180€ / 3h

Ultimate Tantra Healing Package 1220€ / 10 sessions

Extended Ultimate Tantra Healing 1620€ / 10 sessions

Ultimate Tantra Healing Experience 1950€

Your own location at home or abroad.

A daily Tantra massage of 3 hours for 10 days!