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The Taoist Massage is an intense tantric massage offered to both men and women. It's a full body experience suitable for both beginners and more experience receivers. It's based on the practices of ancient Enlightened Taoists masters. According to the Taoist Tantra Tradition, Tantra is a path to immortality and longevity. They believed that many traumas and diseases could be healed by making love and the Taoist Massage.
It's designed to increase your sensual vitality by refining your awareness and awakening you to the more subtle sensations & energy flow. It includes a unique & structured sequence in which the touch energizes your sensuality. This Taoist Massage is beneficial to balance the inner male & female energy. It restores the Yin & Yang aspects of your body resulting in the Chi to flow smoothly to experience the ultimate bliss and oneness with existence. It moves the energy throughout your body to balance it and increase your capacity to preserve it and use it in your day to day life.


The Kashmiri Tantric Massage is an ancient technique from the mountainous north of Himalayan India, a source of Tantric wisdom known as Kashmiri Shaivism. It's an extremely powerful healing technique and gives the receiver an opportunity to meet the inner child and outer adult at the same time.It features a full body massage where the unique positioning between giver and receiver is very intimate and cherishing.
It's an opportunity to meet and heal your inner child; you can experience being a young one and an adult at the same time.
The massage includes all areas of the body with no particular focus on the genitals, but they are included just like any other part. It associates touch being cherished and held in a way which is received as a child.
This Kashmiri Tantric massage aims at increasing energy levels in the body and therefore increasing consciousness.
Its purpose is to refresh & allow the sexual energy flow freely throughout the entire body. The mystic element of this Kashmir massage is even more amplified with a unique head sequence that clears your karmic imprints and helps you live a burden free life.




Inner Alchemy Tantra Massage transmits ancient wisdom and modern day knowledge that is both therapeutic and pleasurable. Expand your state of consciousness through the intense awakening of sexual pleasure and deep receptivity.
By use of conscious touch, energy transfer and pleasure, a unique experience is provided that balances and integrates all levels of the being – Physical, Mental and Emotional.
Inner Alchemy Massage is beautiful, intimate, sensual and safe. This allows for letting go of the mind, experiencing a new state of being where one has a sense of liberation, inner awareness and joyful expansion. The body and mind relaxes and energy channels open through working with breath, movement, sound, marma points, stretching, energy transfer and slow sensual globalized touch.
This combination of modalities cultivates, circulates and sublimates sexual life force energy. Thus feeling complex pleasant sensations all over the body, triggering an intense flow of erotic energies while being fully present and relaxed into infinite consciousness.
Inner Alchemy Tantra Massage includes a distinct part of Yoni/Lingam and Sacred spot massage for men and women, providing opportunity to experience patterns regarding intimacy, openness, the ability to stay present within your body and ability to be relaxed and fully conscious even when experiencing intense energy or emotions.
This Tantra massage can be profoundly healing for inner blockages and old traumas, dissolving deeply rooted tension and re-sensitizing the whole genital area to develop more pleasure potential.


The Lasya Tantra massage is only available as an optional 10th session massage in an "Ultimate Tantra Healing Package"

Info about this unique massage will only be given to clients who engage this healing program.

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