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Stefaan Loncke - Teacher Druidisme


The 4 day Tantra Massage Fundamentals is an absolute must. Danie takes you under expert guidance through a multitude of techniques that are very varied. His experience in this speaks volumes and shows him as a very alert, observant supervisor who masters his profession beautifully. His mastery in this speaks from everything. The 4 Days is very intense and very enriching. Moments of giving and receiving alternate. An ideal way to deepen as a couple, to explore further and to bring new stimulus. All this in a very safe setting. Top!


Cin Blockeel - Ahawa


The four-day was an intense experience, both in receiving teachings and receiving massages. Thanks to Danie's professional guidance and Hanna's dedication, there was a safe space in which you could surrender completely. The structure and sequence of the exercises were strongly structured, you get a lot of techniques in a short time. 

Super interesting workshop where you go home with more than satisfaction.



After the training I feel that my physical house has received a thorough renovation: Doors open, fresh air, old rubbish in the bin, a new interior, the fireplace that burns, windows that allow you to see clearly again and a party in the living room. I now sit quietly in my seat, deep sigh and I can come home again. That and also a large closet full of new toys to practice with. Depth, safety, fun,...

The workshop was everything it promised and more!


Rune Maes

I recently followed the 4-day massage training at MYTH, which I am very satisfied about. It was a very extensive, in-depth and professional program that enriched me with a lot of knowledge and inner growth. There was a safe and relaxed atmosphere and there was room for my personal processes. I also think the price/quality ratio is excellent.

In short, a transformative and qualitative training. Thank you Danie 🙏



What a wonderful journey I experienced during the four-day massage training with Danie. In addition to learning a multitude of massage techniques, I have also experienced inner growth as a person. All this under the very knowledgeable and professional guidance of Danie. Throughout the training I felt a safe space where I could be myself. Recommended!

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